Klein Reinkendorf


The first source mentions of Klein Reinkendorf were dated to 1220. Other sources, from 1243, refer to giving the Cistercian monastery in Stettin 4 soil fibers in Klein Reinkendorf. In 1333, Otto I. handed the Mariacka Foundation in Stettin over to Klein Reinkendorf. The Mariacka Foundation had 15 acres of land and a pension of 256 thalers.

In 1844, 243 residents in 42 families lived in Klein Reinkendorf. In 9 farms and 1 hectare farm, 410 sheep, 87 Oldenburg cattle, 68 pigs, 38 horses and 24 goats were bred. Each full-fledged landowner had 88 morg of land. There were 1 tailor, 1 shoemaker, 1 blacksmith, 1 baker and 1 inn owner.

In 1905, Klein Reinkendorf had 239, in 1925, 396, in 1933, 343, and in 1939, 312 residents.

After the takeover of the village by the Polish administration in 1945, the name Akowo was first used, given by the first settlers - former soldiers of the Home Army. The name Warzymice was officially introduced by the Regulation of the Ministers of Public Administration and Regained Territories of 15 March 1947.

During the years 1975-1998, the town was administratively part of the Szczecin province.

Today, Warmice is a village in north-western Poland, located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in the Powiat of Policie in the Kołbaskowo commune on the Wzniesienia Szczecińskie.

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