Lichnau (German: Lichtnau, Lichenau; Polish: Lichnowy [lixˈnɔvɨ]) today is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Chojnice, within Chojnice County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately 7 kilometres (4 mi) south-east of Chojnice and 104 km (65 mi) south-west of the regional capital Gdańsk. The village has a population of 1,129 today.

Lichnau used to be so called "Zinsdorf" in Koschneiderei area. It was founded by the Deutsche Ritterorden (Teutonic Order). The original corporate charter is not available anymore. Lichnau had 72 Zinshufen in 1400 (a German "Hufe" is old land measurement similar to old English oxgangs). In 1772 Lichnau consisted of 85 Zinshufen with 25 farmers.

In 1796 the lake of the village got drained. In 1905 had 122 dwellings consisting of 159 households. 854 of 891 inhabitants were Catholic and 879 inhabitants were German.
Schulzen (village majors) of Lichnau: Gerke Boesilborg was mentioned in the first renewed certificate of Lichnau from 1336. In 1497 Nickel Reynke was Schulze of Lichtnau. In 1625 Lorenz Wollschläger had been mentioned as Schulze of Lichnau, in 1674 Jacob Rhode, in 1695 Andreas Rhode and in 1772 Michel Wegner, George Pantzcke and Adreas Rhode were "cöllmische Schulzen" in Lichnau.

In 1773 the following Schulzen of Lichnau were documented: Michel Wegner, Georg Pantzcke, Andreas Rode as well as Martin Krüger and Jacob Sensk asl Lehmann and Chrisoph Sensk as Vibranz. As farmers Jacob Hackert, Paul Musolph, Mattes Sawatzki, Jacob Kurse, Pauls Gensk, Michael Schwemin, Jacob Theiss, Johann Dobelck (Dobbek), Andres Schwemin, Michel Rosene, Andreas Neuleiff, Jacob Gielk, Peter Rosentreter, Krüger Paul Laszich (Latzke), Andreas Frögel, Jacob Binger, Andreas Rode, Jacob Brugger, Johann Grabowski and Thomas Wollschleger were recorded.

Georg Lack (Laak, Latzke) (~ June , 23 1709 - March, 13, 1753), son of Georg Latzke (about 1680 - 1720) from Frankenhagen (Silno) and his wife Anna Splet, and Georg Lack's wife Sophia Sweminsze (Schwemin) (~ Nov, 17 1718, ✝ April 19, 1773), daughter of Peter Swemin (Schwemin) (about 1680 - Oct, 9 1738) from Cekzin and his wife Hedwig (about 1682 - Oct. 1732) were documented as Krüger of Lichnau in 1710. Their son Paul Edmund Lack (Lahtzke) (~ Jan, 5 1744, ✝ Sept, 22 1807) remained farmer and passed the Krug to his step brother Anton Krause (✝ Feb, 12 1812) son of Jacob Krause (Jul, 18 1722 - 1791) from Lichnau and Sophia Schwemin (Dec, 1 1718 - Apr, 19 1773) from Lichnau.

First church records of christenings from Lichnau parish were set up in 1651.
Adalbert Jacob Szweminski (April, 14 1783 - May, 16 1831), the youngest son of Anton Jacob Szweminski (June, 3 1732 - April, 10 1783), Schulze (village major) of Deutsch Cekzin (Ciechocin) and presbyter of Osterwick (Ostrowite) and his wife Marianna Elisabeth Schulz (Jan, 11 1739 - 1 Mai 1807) from Osterwick (Ostrowite), became priest and later on vikar in Osterwick (Ostrowite) in 1807, before he became pastor of Lichnau.

Lichnau (Lichnowy) church 1915

Lichnau (Lichnowy), Inn H. Hackert 1912

Map of Lichnau (Lichnowy)

Map of Koschneiderei; Lichnau (Lichnowy) in the northern part of Koschneiderei

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