Schlagenthin (Schlagentin, Slawentin; Polish: Sławęcin [swaˈvɛnt͡ɕin]) today is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Chojnice, within Chojnice County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately 12 kilometres (7 mi) south of Chojnice and 108 km (67 mi) south-west of the regional capital Gdańsk. The village has a population of 519 today.

Schlagenthin used to be so called Zinsdorf in Koschneiderei area. It was founded by the Deutsche Ritterorden (Teutonic Order). The original corporate charter is not available anymore.

Schlagenthin had 81 Zinshufen in 1400 (a German "Hufe" is old land measurement similar to old English oxgangs). In 1438 Schlagenthin had 81 Zinshufen. Schlagenthin had two Krüge (= Kruege; public houses). In 1772 Schlagenthin had 21 farmers with 64 Hufen. In 1773 191 inhabitants of Schlagenthin were documented. In 1905 Schlagenthin consisted of 105 dwellings with 122 households. 794 of the 808 inhabitants were Catholic, 773 inhabitants were German.

In 1835 Schlagenthin had a boundary dispute with Granau, which has been resolved in 1837.

The first Schulze (village major, lat. sculteto) of Schlagenthin was documented in 1565. One of the major Schulzen families in Schlagenthin was Musolf family (also Muzolf, Musolph, Musolff, Mosolff, Mulzoff, Mausolw). Presbyter Jacob Musolph was mentioned as one out of two Schulzen from Schlagenthin in 1652. Schulzen Musolf from Granau can be traced from Paul Mosolff documented as Schulze of Schlagenthin in 1676 via his son Paul Musolf, via Johann Musolff, Johann Joseph Mausolw, Casimir Musolff, as well as via Gregor Musolf, who was Schulze of Schlagenthin in 1685, his son Jacob Mosolff, Johann Musolff, Andreas Paul Musolff, his son Joseph Paul Mulzoff up to Andreas Servatius Musolff (Sept, 25 1831 Schlagenthin - Dec. 20, 1886 Schlagenthin), who was the last one.

Church Schlagenthin (Sławęcin), beginning of the 20th century

Schlagenthin (Sławęcin), dairy farm

Schlagenthin (Sławęcin), inn Joseph Schulz

Map of Schlagenthin (Sławęcin)

Map of Koschneiderei; Schlagenthin (Sławęcin) in the middleof the map

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