Kreis Randow

Kreis Randow (Randow county) was created in 1818 after the Congress of Vienna, when the reorganization of the administrative division of the Kingdom of Prussia was ordered. From 1818 to 1939 it was a county of the Province of Pomerania in the Regierungsbezirk Stettin (Stettin regency).

Kreis randow included in 1939:

  • four cities: Altdamm (Dąbie), Gartz (Oder), Penkun and Pölitz (Police)
  • 99 municipalities (including Messenthin (Mścięcino) , Warsow (Warszewo), Hohenholz, Podejuch (Podjuchy), Boblin (Bobolin), Grambow and Daber (Dobra Szczecińska)
  • four junker estates 

Kreis Randow was liquidated by resolution in 1939. On its basis, 31 county communes (Stettin's Great Town) were included in the urban areas of Stettin, and the rest of the area was divided between Ueckermünde, Greifenhagen and Naugard.

In 1946, the Polish part of the former Kreis Randow was joined to Szczecin poviat (county) in the newly created Polish province Szczecin.

Currently, the former county's territory includes the German counties Vorpommern-Greifswald and Uckermark as well as the Polish counties and the city of Szczecin.

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